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 As of 12/30/17 we became Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Katherine was born and raised in Mesquite Texas; Justin grew up in several spots but mostly Dallas. They now live in Dallas with their little fur family, three dogs, Shiloh, Dezi, and Oliver. They can often be found at church where they volunteer 3 days a week, bowling, roller skating, playing video games, or some other nerdy hobby.

“I have loved video shooting and editing since I was a teenager. I began with classes at age 14. I did not stop until I had my BA in English and Radio/TV and MA in English with Film Studies. Technology has always been my passion. Editing is my strongest suit. For those photographers and videographers who need an editor, it’s not even “work” for me to edit. It’s like breathing to me, an art that soothes my soul and what I love to do when I’m stressed out or bored. Working with technology for me is like musicians playing their instrument, an artist with their paint brush. It is my art.” – Katherine

“I took several film classes at Bishop Lynch HS out here in Dallas. Otherwise I have just learned from my wife. With her being a teacher, it kind of comes natural to her to show me the ropes. I am just the assistant, the wingman, for now. She has all of these big ideas and dreams in her head and I want to help her make them happen.”- Justin

Katherine is the main photographer and videographer. Justin acts as her assistant and partner for the larger projects. If he is at his day job, Katherine enlists the help of her 3rd year students or other professionals to make sure the day runs as smooth as possible.



  • BA in Radio/TV- A&M- Commerce
  • MA in English (Focusing on Film)- A&M- Commerce
  • RTV/ English Grad asst. 2 years
  • Audio/ Video instructor: 2016- Present
  • Working with Final Cut Pro- 2008- Present
  • Working with Adobe Suite- 2008- Present
  • Working with camera equipment- 2008- Present
  • Client work began in 2017.

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