Web Design

Examples of current work can be found under the portfolio as well as this website itself. WordPress is the desired hosting format but other formats can be used.


$150- 1 hour Consultation to discuss layout for site.

$700- This includes a mockup layout of the client’s site. 

$150- Closing consultation session. Once the client views the mockup, the client can request any changes they desire for the site or add any media they have not previously given to the web designer.

$300 per hour- For copy edit or professional writing services. This is for clients who do not wish to write the content for their pages. The client can purchase this service if they desire a professional writer to write out their content for them, check for grammar, spelling mistakes, and layout help. Once the site is turned over, the client is responsible for managing all pages unless further services are purchased.

$50- Widget or plug-in customization services. If I client needs to create an email for their site, payment links such as PayPal, extra plug-ins or other widget services. *This services in included in the $200 mockup price if the client request specific plug-ins during the consultation session.

$150 per image of anything designed from scratch or used from the web designer’s personal collection.

$300 for any video created for the client.

*The client will be billed for any fees charged from hosting sites. WordPress and Wix have free and paid options that the client may choose from and I will work with accordingly. Any other hosting site will need to be discussed so that the client understands the cost of maintaining the site from the host.


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